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Brain Tumor classification and detection from MRI images using CNN based on ResUNet Architecture.

Jacobs University Bremen. May 18, 2020

Bremen, Germany

e Convolution Neural Network (CNN) deep learning algorithm based on ResUNet architecture is proposed for detecting the tumor and marking the area of their occurrence. There are several advantages to using these proposed architectures for segmentation tasks. First, a residual unit helps when training deep architectures. Second, feature accumulation with recurrent residual convolutional layers ensures better feature representation for segmentation tasks.The automatic brain tumor classification is very challenging task in large spatial and structural variability of surrounding region of brain tumor. The method proposed accuracy 96% on the test data.

Big Data Challenge 2020.

Jacobs University Bremen. May 18, 2020

Bremen, Germany

The project is a machine learning solution for the supervised classification task provided by the University of Bremen as The Bremen Big Data Challenge. The task was to predict the appropriate classification model for a given data for human activity recognition with a high degree of accuracy. The available data set is made up of signals detected by motion sensors that can be placed on the human subjects' leg.The optimization method is applied to the data set. Due to the high features of the data set, the feature extraction method - Principal Component Analysis is performed. After the extraction, K Nearest Neighbour, Random Forest Approach and MLP Classifier methods are used to obtain test results of 80%, 78% and 75% accuracy using Scikit Learn in Python.

Design and Analysis of Lotka Volterra Model in 2 and 3 Dimensions.

Jacobs University Bremen. May 18, 2020

Bremen, Germany

This project is an introduction to a non-linear dynamical systems. Here, I desinged a mathematical model for predator-prey model in two dimensions using ODE, Matplotlib in Python. Analysed the behaviour of the model by changing the parameters such as growth rate, death rate by observing direction field and trajectories in the phase plane using Matplotlib. Furthurmore, I designed predator-prey model for 3 dimensions using ODE and analyses the behaviour of the direction field and trajectories in a phase place by changing the parameters.

Modelling and design of non- linear naturally occurring phenomena -Synchronization of Fireflies illumination and response to external stimulus.

Jacobs University Bremen. May 18, 2020

Bremen, Germany

I designed a mathematical model for Firefly in the presense of a stimuli using Ordinary Differential Equations in python. I analysed the change in the direction field and trajectoies near the fixed point of the model in the presence of one stimulus. Lastly, I designed the mathematical model for a Firefly in response to two stimuli and performed fixed point analysis by changing the parameter using Matplotlib in python.

Sentiment Analysis of movie reviews taken from which involved multi-class data classification to predict the sentiment of the Phrases from the sentences of the movie reviews given by the customers, on an arbitrary sentiment scale of 0 – 4.

Jacobs University Bremen. June 14, 2020

Bremen, Germany

I predicted sentiment of the reviews by using logistic regression, decision tree, and random forest obtaining an accuracy of 83%, 99%, 98% accuracy respectively. For the text processing, words which were common in context in the corpus were located close to one another in a vector space. For example “Have a nice day.” and “Have a great day.” Here great and good was placed closer in the vector space because they convey similar meaning in this context.

DIABOT-An Expert System in the management of Diabetics using Artificial Intelligence."

International Journal of Computer Applications (0975 – 8887) Volume182 – No.4, July 2018.

Banglore, India

Expert Engine for Diabetics using Artificial Intelligence and hardware to measure twelve parameters (like blood pressures, heart rate, etc) using sensors.The inference engine used these data types to compare it with health metrics present in the knowledge base using backtracking and searching algorithms obtaining accuracy of 83% using python and prolog.


Jacobs University Bremen, Germany

MSc in Data Engineering August, 2019 - to date

Focus on : Data Science in Cognitive Developmnet and Neuroscience,Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Modelling of Dynamical System, Data Visualization and Image Processing, Data acqusition and sensor technology, Big Databases and Cloud services.
Roles: Quality manager of Graduate Student Assistant, social media handler,event coordinator, member of Woman International Leadership (WIL).

BMS Institute of Technology and Management,
Banglore, India

BE in Computer Science Engineering August 2014- June 2018

Focus on : Artificial Intelligence, Database Management System, Software Engineering, Computer Networks, Computer Architecture and Computer Organization, C, C++, Java, Web Development.


Event Coordinator

Karkhana, Kathmandu, Nepal April,2019 – July,2019

Project Involved: Client pool for Hand on learning in STEAM Education, Science Fair.
-Conducted workshop for topics related to STEAM education and Computing to attract Clients such as Principal, Teacher, student and Parents.
-Designed contents for workshop for themes such as - Learning by Doing, Creating innovative solutions to local problems.
-Co-led and represented Karkhana in the Science Fair conducted by the National Academy of Science and Technology (NAST).
- Data Analysis on Feedback collected from the Social Media Content, and presented innovative ideas to enhance the areas in which company was weaker in performance and later presented its result paper at ICQE August, 2019.

Associate Engineer

One Platinum Technology, Kathmandu, Nepal September, 2018 - January, 2019

Project Involved: -Geo-Tracking Software, Open Data Innovation Fund.
-Led the marketing team for requirement analysis.
-Implemented innovative ideas like geofencing the android device that updates geo-location every 0.5 seconds to increase the precision and accuracy of fleet tracking.
-Led the team as a data scientist in which we learned how taxation works in Nepal.
-Mined the data from government paper-published data sets from 1970-2018.
-Published these data sets (>1000 data sets) in our self-developed tax portal with tabular reports, qualitative blogs and graphical visualisations for open and free public use.

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    There are no boundary only possiblilies.

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